Risk, Challenge & Adventure

At The Coombes we believe in teaching young people to manage risks for themselves and take sensible decisions which will make them safer. We believe that adventurous training helps our children to develop as mature adults, being responsible and mindful of others.

Learning outside the classroom helps young people to develop the ability to cope with and experience a wide variety of challenges. It requires them to make informed choices and to understand and take responsibility for the consequences. It leads to a positive 'can-do' attitude.


The Coombes offers residential trips for children in Year 4 at the PGL centre on the Isle of White and Year 6 at the outdoor activity centre at Mill on the Brue. The challenges which young people face during these in learning activities outside the classroom require the management of risk. Managing risk through appropriate planning, supervision, proper equipment and a regard for other factors such as the weather or the time of day is what contributes to making these activities safe for young people while still offering sufficient challenge.

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