The School's aim is to see each child grow in character, confidence and understanding; to grow in appreciation of who they are and to acquire the skills needed to succeed in a changing world.

Commitment to Attendance

The staff of The Coombes CE Primary School are committed, in partnership with the parents/carers, pupils, governors, trustees of the Keys Academy Trust and theLocal Authority, to provide an education of the highest standard for all our children.

Regular attendance is essential to achieving this. Research clearly demonstrates the link between regular attendance and educational progress and attainment. Asa school, we encourage parents to ensure their children achieve the maximum possible attendance and any issues that may prevent this are brought to the attention of school staff promptly. Clear expectations of daily attendance and routines that support children to achieve this, at an early age, will help pupils throughout their school life.


We expect all pupils to:

  • Attend school every day unless they are prevented from doing so by unavoidable reason;
  • Arrive at school on time;
  • Attend appropriately prepared for the day; and
  • Talk to their parent/carer, class teacher or an appropriate member of staff if they are worried about anything that may affect their school attendance.

We expect all parents/carers to:

  • Encourage daily school attendance throughout the academic year and be aware of their legal responsibilities;
  • Ensure their child arrives at school punctually and prepared for the school day;
  • Adviseschool by 0930, on the first and any subsequent days, if their child is going to be absent, giving the reason for absence;
  • Arrange non-urgent medical and dental appointments outside school hours or during the school holidays;
  • Avoid taking their child out of school during term-time unless there are exceptional circumstances, in which case Leave of Absence must be requested in advance;
  • Contact school promptly should a problem occur that may prevent their child from attending school;
  • Notify the school of any changes in home circumstances that might affect their child;
  • Notify school immediately of any changes to phone numbers, home address or emergency contact details;
  • Ensure they are fully aware of the school's attendance policy and their legal responsibilities with regard to their child's education.

School staff will:

  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere;
  • Provide a safe learning environment;
  • Providea sympathetic response to any pupil's or parent's/carer's concerns;
  • Keep regular and accurate records of AM and PM attendance and punctuality, monitor individual pupils' attendance and punctuality;
  • Contact parents/carers when a pupil fails to attend and where no message has been received by 1000, to explain the absence;
  • Followup all unexplained absences to obtain explanations from parents. Although parents may offer a reason, only the school can authorise the absence. In the case of long term or frequent absence due to medical conditions, verifications from a GP or other relevant body may be requested;
  • Regularly inform parents/carers of the percentage attendance of all pupils (parents' evenings, end of year reports etc.);
  • Make initial enquiries regarding pupils who are not attending regularly;
  • Refer irregular or unjustified patterns of attendance to the Education Welfare Service. Failure by the family to comply with the planned support set by Education Welfare may result in further cautions, e.g. a Penalty notice, parental prosecution or an application for an Education Supervision Order;
  • Notify the Education Welfare Service after 10 days unexplained absence and after 15 days of consecutive sickness absence;

Every Minute Matters

If children arrive late to school every day their learning begins to suffer. Below is a graph showing how being late to school every day over a school year adds up to lost learning time.

Further Information regarding absence is available on the school website in our Attendance Policy. For any support or advice regarding your child's attendance please contact the school office on

School will not authorise holiday requests during term time. If you choose to take your child out of school for an unauthorised holiday you make yourself liable to receive a Penalty Notice from the Education Welfare Service.