Celebrating Success

We want to create a safe, positive environment where children are happy and ready to learn. To do this, the school focuses continually on 'the positive'. Positive behaviours, positive attitudes and positive learning behaviours are all acknowledged and celebrated. Across the whole school there will be seven main guiding principles which are applicable to every child, these guiding principles are known as The Coombes Code:

Coombes Code

  • Work hard and always do your best
  • Be kind, friendly and respectful to everyone in school
  • Listen when someone is talking to you
  • Respect your own and others possessions
  • Always tell the truth
  • Be ready to forgive each other
  • Look smart and have the uniform and kit you need for each day

Rewarding Positive Behaviour

All classroom behaviour will be measured through a traffic light system which focuses on acknowledging and rewarding good behaviour.

Each day a child starts on green and when a child has shown exceptional learning skills (resilience, patience, concentration, team work, listening etc) or demonstrates one of the guiding principles, they will move onto the sunflower. As this great behaviour continuesthe child then progresses onto the 'Star'. This achievement is recorded and parents are informed every time this happens so that you can share in your child's achievements. During the school's Celebration Assembly each week these children will also have their achievements acknowledged and their names are printed in the school newsletter. The children's teachers will praise and model positive behaviour at all times.

Celebration Certificates

Each week the class teacher identifies an individual who has really excelled either academically, socially or emotionally and this child is awarded a certificate during the special assembly each Friday. The children are presented with these during assembly and their photograph appears in the newsletter.


At The Coombes we recognise that each child has individual behavioural needs, therefore rewards and support are always the first option of the school to ensure that the child can make positive choices. However, if a child's behaviour interferes with the learning of others then consequences will be used.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviour

If a child chooses to behave in a way that does not follow the guiding principles their name will be moved from green to amber. This acts as a warning and gives the child the opportunity to make positive behaviour choices. If the inappropriate behaviour continues the name will be moved onto red and finally the storm cloud which is below this. At this point the child's name will be recorded, and their behaviour will be monitored. As a consequence, they will lose some of their play time.

At this point, if the inappropriate behaviour continues, the child will be moved through a series of steps culminating with a meeting with parent or carer and the Head Teacher. Members of the Inclusion Team will also be present to discuss the support required to ensure that the child makes the right choices in the future.


"unwanted negative behaviour, verbal, psychological or physical conducted by an individual or group against another person (or persons) and which is repeated over time"

The school will follow a 'zero tolerance' approach to bullying.