We are very proud of the wonderful choice of clubs open to the children at The Coombes, both within the curriculum and beyond, and hope that there is something for everyone.

Extended School Provision - Sport

These clubs are run by a third party company called U-Sports after school.

Procedure for Non-Attendance

If, for any reason a child cannot attend a session, it is important that the school office is informed. This is to ensure the safety and whereabouts of the children at all times and avoids unnecessary phone calls.

Cancellation of clubs

All U-sports clubs that rely on outdoor facilities may be cancelled due to very poor weather and we do our best to give you the maximum notice possible. Where the notice is too short we do our best to make some provision indoors as Health and Safety allows.


Kit for Clubs

The participation of PE is highly regarded at The Coombes for sporting achievement as well as promoting healthy living and cooperative working. We feel we offer the children a good range of activities which they will enjoy and will help them to be more active and also develop a broad range of skills. In order for the children to take part in, and benefit from, these activities we need your support by helping to ensure the children have the correct kit.

For health and safety reasons children must change for PE. You will be informed of the days on which your child does PE.

PE kit will change like the seasons and therefore should be appropriate for the time of year and the activity.

We recommend that PE kits are kept at school to allow for changes at short notice and be taken home at the weekend to wash and returned at the start of a new week. Whilst swimming kits should be taken home on the day they are used.

As you can appreciate most children's uniforms will be very similar to those of other children. We would therefore ask that all items being brought into school be clearly marked or named for ease of identification should anything get lost or simply mixed up.

Should a child forget their PE kit on a one off occasion, we have some spare kit to lend them. If a PE kit is repeatedly missing then the child will be unable to participate and given a verbal reminder to bring their PE kit into school, in addition to their class teacher being notified.


When playing, running about or working it is all too easy for something to catch on an earring/watch and cause a serious injury therefore the following should be noted:-

  • Earrings must be removed for PE and games or taped up securely.
  • Watches must be removed before taking part and remain the child's responsibility.
  • Bangles/Bracelets must also be removed prior to participating.


During PE and clubs long hair must be tied back, so please make sure that your child has some spare hair ties with them on the days they participate in activities. Please note that these measures are taken in the interests of children's safety and well-being and are in accordance with the Local Authority's, and national, Health and Safety Guidance.

Should you have any questions relating to any of the above activities or information provide then please do not hesitate to ask any member of the P.E. staff.