Vision Statement

(A farmer went out to sow his seed. Mark 4: 3-8)

This School has a Christian foundation and our vision and values are based on this. We seek to achieve academic excellence and provide the good conditions described by Jesus Christ in the parable of the sower where each child can grow and thrive. We aim to see each child grow in character, confidence and understanding, grow in appreciation of who they are and acquire the skills needed to succeed in a changing world.

A Love of Learning Grows Here

Working together, the parents, carers, children, Staff and Governors have created an exceptional vision and set of values which uniquely suits the needs of the children in the Arborfield Community. This vision for the school permeates all that we do and can be found here - Spirituality Statement for the current year


The school is passionate about growing learners. Here we grow to:

Love learning

Be the best we can

Respect and care for each other

Serve our community

Look after our environment

To help the children understand this, the school uses the imagery of the children growing like a plant, with each value being represented by a leaf.


The school has six Christian Values, and these are:







To help the children understand this the school's values are represented by the compost in which the plant grows.

What does this mean in practice?

To help our children to be successful learners, the school identified three key drivers that underpin our curriculum design. These are:


The need to provide a curriculum which is broad and balanced, providing a wide knowledge base, used by our children to inform their learning.


To create a language rich environment which encourages the effective use of both the written and spoken word.


To embed strong Christian vision and values which underpin the personal development of our children.